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ACUNS Annual Meeting
23-25 June 2022
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June 23, 17:00 - 20:30 CEST
Hybrid - Palais des Nations | Room XXI, followed by reception at the Serpent Bar & Online
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High Level Plenary

A World in Crisis: Evidence-Based Solutions for Intensifying Global Challenges

The world is reeling from the effects of climate change, conflict, a global pandemic, disrupted migration and increased displacement, food insecurity, increasing human rights violations and inequalities. Policy and programmatic efforts to address these challenges are hindered by sophisticated mis- and dis-information campaigns. Once interested stakeholders start peddling falsities, the UN organizations, Member States and stakeholders that deal with these issues struggle to contain their spread and ensure that facts prevail. It is therefore an important moment to discuss at the highest level the role that scientific, objective research plays in informing political and policy discussions, fighting misinformation and what organizations are doing to make sure policy-makers and the public have access to accurate information to make informed decisions and take action on some of the top challenges facing our world today.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to attend this session IN-PERSON, you must register on the United Nations Indico platform by Monday, June 20. When registering, select the Representation Type “ACADEMIA.” You will need to upload a PASSPORT photo for your registration to be accepted. Only 300 in-person seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis given the date and time of your registration above. On Thursday, June 23, you must collect your badge to access the Palais des Nations before 16:30 Geneva time. If you plan to attend this session VIRTUALLY, you should connect via the link to UN Web TV.


  • 17:00 - Welcome Address

    • Profile Lise Howard
      Lise Howard
      President of ACUNS
  • 17:10 - Opening Message

    • Olivier Coutau
      Olivier Coutau
      Delegate to International Geneva, Republic and Canton of Geneva
  • 17:15 - Keynote Address

    • 2022 06 13 Tatiana Valovaya
      Tatiana Valovaya
      Director-General, UN Geneva
  • 17:30 - High-level Panel Discussion: “A world in crisis: Evidence-based solutions for intensifying global challenges”

    • 2022 06 13 Hoesung Lee
      Hoesung Lee
      Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    • who soumya swaminathan.tmb 340v
      Soumya Swaminathan
      Chief Scientist, World Health Organization (WHO)
    • Eva Akerman Borje
      Eva Akerman Borje
      International Organization for Migration
    • Imogen Foulkes
      Imogen Foulkes
      BBC News
  • 18:45 - Wrap up of formal session and invitation to proceed to reception

    • 19:00 - Reception at Palais des Nations, Serpent Bar