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ACUNS Annual Meeting
23-25 June 2022
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June 24, 10:30 - 12:00 CEST
Virtual - Room S1 & Online

Emerging Technologies and International Relations

  • Governance
  • International Institutions
  • International Law
  • Technology

Emerging technologies, like Cyber and Artificial Intelligence, have become critical to the functioning of modern societies. Moreover, emerging technologies have the potential to advance revolutionary contributions to human life by supporting the generation of new ideas, politics, and businesses. Tellingly, the United Nations has acknowledged that emerging technologies, like cyber ones, are an area that cuts across all UN Sustainable Development Goals and a key enabler for achieving sustainable development. Emerging technologies have also become a key component of international relations; making their development and understanding a national and international priority. This roundtable will discuss examples of contributions from the social sciences to the study of emerging technologies’ impact on contemporary society and international relations, including cyber and AI’s impact on international conflict, democracy, and human security.


  • British International Studies Association
  • Speakers

    • Joe Burton
      University of Saint Andrews (United Kingdom)
    • 2022 06 20 Arthur Laudrain 1X1
      Arthur Laudrain
      University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
    • Tim Stevens Tim Stevens
      Tim Stevens
      King's College London (United Kingdom)
    • Lesley Masters Headshot
      Lesley Masters
      Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom)
    • Nitasha Kaul
      University of Westminster (United Kingdom)
  • Chair

    • headshot Eugenio Lilli
      Eugenio Lilli
      University College Dublin (Ireland)