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23-25 June 2022
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June 24, 10:30 - 12:00 CEST
Hybrid - Room S7 & Online
Roundtable: Book

Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths edited by Dêlidji Eric Degila and Valeria Marina Valle

  • Displacement
  • International Institutions
  • Migration
  • Sustainable Development

Governing Migration for Development for the Global SouthsThis thematic volume analyses the nexus between migration and sustainable development and how it is a key avenue of global governance. It presents a number of research projects and case studies from the global South that illustrate how different public policies and legal frameworks on all levels, from the subnational to the international, affect migration positively and negatively. It also addresses the links between sustainable development and migration by assessing migration policies using the ‘5 Ps’ approach: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships. Besides, the current context of migration presents its own challenges as we see a return to a new Westphalian system of sovereignty, as countries see a surge in nationalism and a rise in xenophobia, and as we struggle through the worst global health pandemic the world has seen in a century.

  • Speakers

    • 2022 06 13 Photo Eric Degila
      Dêlidji Eric Degila
      Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Switzerland)
    • 2022 06 13 Valeria M. Valle
      Valeria Marina Valle
      Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico)
    • Yousra Abourabi
      Science Po Rabat UIR (Morocco)
    • Gopalan Balachandran
      Gopalan Balachandran
      Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Switzerland)
    • 2022 06 23 Binod Khadria
      Binod Khadria
      Jawaharlal Nehru University (India)
    • Christelle Cazabat
      Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre - Norwegian Refugee Council
  • Chair

    • Profile Cecilia Cannon
      Cecilia Cannon
      Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Switzerland)