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23-25 June 2022
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June 25, 13:00 - 14:30 CEST
Hybrid - Room S8 & Online
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Incredible Commitments: How UN Peacekeeping Failures Shape Peace Processes by Anjali Kaushlesh Dayal

  • Conflict Prevention and Mediation
  • International Institutions
  • Peace and Security
  • Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding

Incredible Commitments How UN Peacekeeping Failures Shape Peace ProcessesWhy do warring parties turn to United Nations peacekeeping and peacemaking even when they think it will fail? Dayal asks why UN peacekeeping survived its early catastrophes in Somalia, Rwanda, and the Balkans, and how this survival should make us reconsider how peacekeeping works. She makes two key arguments: first, she argues the UN’s central role in peacemaking and peacekeeping worldwide means UN interventions have structural consequences – what the UN does in one conflict can shift the strategies, outcomes, and options available to negotiating parties in other conflicts. Second, drawing on interviews, archival research, and process-traced peace negotiations in Rwanda and Guatemala, Dayal argues warring parties turn to the UN even when they have little faith in peacekeepers’ ability to uphold peace agreements – and even little actual interest in peace – because its involvement in negotiation processes provides vital, unique tactical, symbolic, and post-conflict reconstruction benefits only the UN can offer.

  • Speakers

    • MONA ALI KHALIL Mona Ali Khalil
      Mona Ali Khalil
      MAK Law International (Austria)
    • John Karlsrud
      The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Norway)
    • Adriana Abdenur
      Plataforma CIPÓ (Brazil)
    • Yvan Yenda Ilunga
      Central State University (United States)
  • Chair

    • Anjali Dayal
      Fordham University (United States)