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ACUNS Annual Meeting
23-25 June 2022
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June 24, 15:00 - 16:30 CEST
Hybrid - Room A1B & Online
Roundtable: Book

New Histories of the UN System: How the Cold War and Decolonization shaped International Cooperation

  • Governance
  • International Institutions
  • International Law

Featured Books:

(How) Can history contribute to finding evidence-based solutions to intensifying global challenges? Taking three recently published books on the history of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN Secretariat in New York, and the UN system during the Cold War, as a point of departure, this thematic roundtable will discuss recent trends in the historiography on the UN and affiliated organizations, focusing specifically on issues of sovereignty, security and development.


Inspectors for Peace Building States The United Nations Development and Decolonization 1945 1965 Organiser le monde Une autre histoire de la guerre froide

  • Speakers

    • 2022 06 21 Muschik.eva Maria
      Eva-Maria Muschik
      University of Vienna (Austria)
    • 2022 06 17 Roehrlich Author
      Elisabeth Röhrlich
      University of Vienna (Austria)
    • 2022 06 17 Sandrinekott
      Sandrine Kott
      University of Geneva (Switzerland)
    • 2022 06 24 Dsc6784 2
      Amalia Ribi Forclasz
      Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Switzerland)
    • 2022 06 23 Fullsizerender
      Véronique Stenger
      University of Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Chair

    • 2022 06 22 Naima Foto
      Naïma Maggetti
      University of Geneva (Switzerland)